About Us

The Story

ShredXS a Scottish business started by two young keen mountain bikers who couldn’t get mountain biking clothes they liked or fitted. It is the brain child of Fraser and Jessica at age 11 and 12, supported by their parents to develop the products and the business.

We started with the belief that children deserve as good quality mountain bike products as adults and we could not buy mountain biking clothes that fitted.

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We are a strong value based company; we take our ethos through every aspect of what we do, whether it is riding, selling, designing or just having fun with our mates.

ShredXS MTB range is for kids who want the same level of quality and design adults get but just for them, over the last two years we’ve expanded the range of shorts, jerseys and developed gloves to cover the youngest mountain bikers starting at 4 years old through to riders who push the limits at 14.


To develop ShredXS as the world leading brand for children’s and youth mountain bike clothing.


Fun – if you’re not enjoying yourself then you are not learning, so if we are riding, designing, selling or mucking about with pals, it is all about having fun.

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Sportsmanship – selfishness and winning at any cost is not what we are about. People who wear ShredXS are about looking out for others and winning because they worked harder and have a great run. Winning well is just as important as being able to handle defeat.

Determination – not giving up, getting back on the bike to try again until you master it. Just keep going and focus on the goal you want, an awesome ride, a first place or a better stunt.

Quirkiness – if we wanted to do everything like adults then we wouldn’t come up with anything new. We see things through new eyes and try new ways of doing stuff just because we can.

Push yourself – everything we do is about trying new things and seeing how much better we can be.